Who We Are

We're a female-founded company on a mission to bring joy into homes and connect people back to the most basic food staple through bread baking. 

We first discovered the lure of homemade bread when a friend brought a fresh baked loaf to a dinner party — talk about a great dinner guest! We never thought we could do that ourselves. Flash forward a year, with some expert help we baked a fresh loaf that tasted better than any store bought bread ever could (living in New York around some great bakeries this is saying something!). We knew we had to share that with others.

We baked hundreds of breads to find the perfect recipe for our first no knead kit. Of course some of our friends and family helped with the taste testing burden. We love that bread is simple, and easy to share with those you love.

And we want to do it all the right way — we're committed to partnering with small and farmer-founded companies to showcase the best products the US has to offer, as well as offering carbon neutral shipping.