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Our favorite No Knead Bread Kit and our go-to chef's wooden Bench Scraper bundled together for the perfect giftable experience — for you or the baker in your life. All wrapped up in our holiday box.

We're only producing 100 so get them while you can ;)

Dough Dealer No Knead Bread Kit on Pink Background

Our Signature No Knead Bread Kit 

A beginner level bread kit for creating delicious homemade country boules. We provide everything you need to create the perfect airy and crisp loaf of bread. All of the ingredients in the kit are pre-portioned to keep the bread making simple and the bread eating delicious every time. 

Bonus: You’re supporting local and farmer founded companies in the U.S.!

  • Farmer Ground Organic Stoneground High Extraction All Purpose and Whole Wheat Flours
  • Jacobsen Salt Co. Trapani Sea Salt
  • Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Baker's Yeast and Baking Paper
  • Easy to follow instructions
Dough Dealer Bench Scraper on Pink Background

Bench Scraper

A beautiful stainless steel scraper with a wooden handle makes the perfect kitchen tool for handling dough and keeping hands clean!

  • Stainless steel blade 
  • Wood handle with brass rivets

Pro Tip: Use your scraper to clear off your counter when you’re finished baking