Why Bread?

Bread with logo

It was always meant to be rebellious — you see that in the name and branding. We're trying to make bread cool again, because bread has a serious PR problem.

We want to be proponents for bread in a world where it may be more trendy to be gluten/grain free. I grew up being told that bread was unhealthy. But that didn’t make sense. We’ve been eating bread since the dawn of civilization, surely this was ingrained into our diets for a reason. I wondered how we had strayed so far from this staple food?

If you look back, you can trace the origins of declining sentiment from stripped down white bread, favoring efficiency and scale instead of nutritious stone ground flour bread. It isn't surprising bread had a bad rep; we had gotten used to mass produced bread stripped of the good stuff.

Hand in hand was the loss of bread baking skill — no longer did households need to make their own bread. With Dough Dealer we wanted to bring artisan bread making back into the home, and re-introduce the level of nutrition and goodness that bread has when made with the right ingredients.

Plus, it’s delicious, and joyful to share a fresh baked loaf with your friends and family. We mark our kits with a simple warning, “May attract hungry friends and family.”